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maintenance knowledge

it is more necessary to maintain electromobile than using it.

maintenance of battery

don’t use the battery to the minimum of electric quantity, develop the habit to charge regularly.

when the battery is idle, it should be charged once a month to maintain the battery health state.

maintenance of charger

it is better not to carry the charger. the charger should be packed with buffer when carried to avoid vibration and collision.

when charging, the charger shell cover is prohibited, ensure ventilation, avoid the rain, or other liquid flows, in order to avoid internal short-circuit.


maintenance of dynamo

if there is much water on the road in the rainy day which submerges the dynamo, it is not proper to use it because hydrops will cause electrical failure.

wash the mud timely to avoid rusting.


parking it in the shake when you don’t use it to avoid rain which will make it east to rust.avoid the sun, the sun easily decreased the service life of tires.


security check

security password and verification code are necessary
security password must be 20-22 significant figures