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riding culture

new continent cctv-7 "chinese brand story" feature film

dreaming knights start journey again.

desert sand storm knight

many difficulties, tremendous ardour

give your wisdom, fight for new continent, fight for dream


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soliciting for encircling tower in sinkiang

why do we depart?

because of pursuit, because of eagerness, because of dream

china? america? brazil? france?......

look for the 100 roads that we have to go during the whole life together.


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no. 66 highway in the united states

exploration, also persistence

fever, also approval

dream, also pursuit

this is a great and meaningful trip

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product series

grand luxurious--ra1000

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national standard--eagle six

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simple--kemeng 2

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e-bike---xuan v

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dreaming knights

was reported on discovery tour of cctv

there are two most important things
for a business to succeed
dream and action
new continent, dream is on the way!
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if you need market and professional suggestions and supports, please contact your nearest sales outlet

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of no reason to return

stick to the quality


quality guarantee

the same quality of motorcycle


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